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Using our very wide range of standard keyboards and keypads, many of which are user programmable, we can often meet special requirements by fitting keycaps with specially engraved legends, removing keyswitches to create custom layouts and reprogramming keys to generate your choice of output codes.


If, however, it is not possible to base your custom product on the standard keyboards you may choose the flexibility and ease-of-use of the programmable touchpanels. You can design an overlay to your exact requirements using colour and illustrations to facilitate the use of the touchpanel. Then the keys can be programmed to generate the keycodes you need at just a single touch.


But if this still doesn't come close enough to your needs we can build a complete custom keyboard around our programmable keyboard controller. Little larger than a credit card, this controller will support over 100 keys with strings of up to 14 keycodes. The switches we use don't even have to be standard keyboard type keyswitches - almost any type of switch can be used. We can even replicate machine control front panels for complete ease of use.


This heavy duty footswitch with integral controller allows an operator to send a key stroke to the PC whilst both hands are occupied simply by pressing on the pedal with a foot. Full keyboard access is maintained through the keyboard pass through port.
Developed for medical technicians the principle can easily be extended to special needs applications.



Our custom enclosures can be made from steel, aluminium or plastic materials and using a technique of CNC machining and folding, even the plastic enclosures needn't involve the high tooling costs usually associated with custom enclosures.


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