IRMan - Infra Red Receiver


Irman is an Infra Red receiver for your PC.

It connects to the serial port and allows you to control your PC with the Infra Red remote controller from your TV, VCR, CD or Stereo from up to 10m away.

Irman can be used in many ways, for example to control a software program while you are in another room. Imagine controlling Winamp with a normal remote to choose exactly the song you want. Or watching a DVD movie from your couch while still being able to pause or fast forward.

  Irman can receive the infrared signals transmitted by all sorts of remotes. It converts these signals to computer commands understood by software in your PC. This software is integrated into the programs listed on the software page. Irman has been tested with over 40 different brands of remotes, they all work.

Click here for recommended remote controller.

Irman is supported by software for Windows 9x/ME, NT and Windows 2000 and can be used with third-party software under Linux.

Irman shown with optional remote controller

Click here for suitable remote controllers


Software drivers are available for Irman by clicking here.



We regret we are unable to supply Irman at present. Click here for PCIR, a fully compatible alternative product.




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