PCIR- Infra Red Receiver

PCIR is a low-priced infrared receiver for controlling your PC with a standard remote control. Connecting directly to the serial port of your PC it allows complete control of a PC using a standard  Infra Red remote controller from a TV, VCR, CD or Stereo from up to 10m away.

The PCIR module is recognised as a serial interface (connected to COM1, COM2..) and requires no additional power supply. After the installation of free or shareware programs  a PC under MSDOS, Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000, XP or Linux operating systems can be controlled with an I.R. remote control.

Using a standard remote control like the one that came with your video recorder, TV, HiFi etc you can control many of your PC's functions. You can emulate any mouse or keyboard operations including Ctrl and Shift key presses, start and close applications or send emails at the touch of a button on your remote control. Examples for applications are:

  • Multimedia Presentations (eg. Powerpoint).
  • Remote Control of TV or radio cards.
  • Read and scroll through large documents.
  • Simple operation of multimedia programs like MP3 Players, video Players or DVD players.
  • and much more....

After purchase only a short learning process is necessary, you'll soon be operating your PC by remote control.

The module has its own microcontroller, which is responsible for the decoding of the IR-signals thus no CPU load develops..

26.38 excl. VAT
31.66 incl. VAT

35.06 Including delivery (UK only)
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36.76 Including delivery (EU only)
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Software drivers are available for PCIR by clicking here




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