Infra Red Remote Controller - RC14

Irman has been designed to work with most infra red controllers such as those used for TV and VCR applications. However, the manufacturer of Irman has produced a remote controller specially designed for the most popular Irman functions. 

This hand sized remote controller has 14 buttons each of which can be individually programmed to perform a different function.

Available in black/grey or clear/blue

Irman shown with optional remote controller

Click here for Irman

RC14B in black/grey


RC14C in clear/blue 







14 key
8.00 excl. VAT
9.60 incl. VAT



14 key
8.00 excl. VAT
9.60 incl. VAT




Also available for those applications which require more buttons is the
RC1096 remote controller.
50 individually programmable buttons for ultimate flexibility.





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